Child’s light blanket

A comfort blanket or night-light is often used to smooth the path towards sleep for children. The blanket responds to movements under it, which trigger different colour pattern sequences, depending on how it is moved. It allows the child to interact and have more control of the light source.

The blanket has been developed for one off production or commissions. The electronics behind the blanket are developing at a fast rate, so when the technology allows us we would like to see it go into production, watch this space...

Stretchy Worm

Here is a prototype of our solar powered animated scenes. We wanted to produce toys with the same style as our books but avoiding the usual plastic injection molded character toys which, often consume large amounts of batteries.

This toy is made from birch wood and an environmentally friendly print which, adds colour and character decoration. It is powered by a solar panel which springs into life when placed in a sunny place like a windowsill or under a strong light.

Play the movie to see how it works

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